How Multitrakpro tractor wheel spacers work

The Multitrakpro™ is fitted to the hub or axle and it remains fixed. Then the rim is put on the Multitrakpro™. Then given the required track width, sections can be easily added or removed for adjustment.

Once the sections have been fitted, track widths can be adjusted according to need. The rim is no longer required to be attached to the axle or hub but it is fitted to the Multitrakpro™, which in turn is connected to the axle or hub. In most cases to change the wheel gauge on a tractor or any machine it has to be jacked up and wheels have to be removed. With the Multitrakpro™, the machine still has to be jacked up but at no point does the wheel need to be removed.

If there was to be a jack failure, the Multitrakpro™ and the rim can still support the weight of the machine. Note, at no point has the Multitrakpro™ been removed from the hub or axle and at no point has the rim been removed. Therefore, the machine remains self-supporting.


Let’s take a look at the benefits:

  1. Multiple width capabilities in one.
  2. Removal of costly tyre weights with strength transferred into the Multitrakpro™.
  3. Workplace safety is covered with Multitrakpro™. The Multitrakpro™ eliminates the need to remove a wheel whilst the vehicle is precariously weighted on any lifting device.
  4. Transport is covered with Multitrakpro™. Given every country has different road regulations with width, the Multitrakpro™ allows for quick and easy gauge adjustment.
  5. Less labour required to change gauge than a ‘wheel spacer’ or ‘fixed axle’.
  6. Time efficient slide action to change gauge than a ‘wheel spacer’ or ‘fixed axle’.
  7. Once fitted, the Multitrakpro™ remains on vehicle, differentiating it from a ‘wheel spacer’ or ‘fixed axle’.
  8. Easy dual tyre fitting and removal.


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