Tractor Wheel Spacers. Simple. Safe. Fast.

The Multitrakpro™ offers tractor wheel spacers that are simple, stable, strong and fast. The Multitrakpro™ supersedes a fixed wheel spacer or axle with its multiple width capabilities in one. It is simple to use with quick and easy sliding width adjustment in under an hour with the tyres remaining on the tractor at all times in case of jack failure. They suit row crop, broadacre and dual capabilities for large horsepower tractors and stability for smaller horsepower on difficult terrain. These tractor wheel spacers are fully patented worldwide and are the quickest and safest adjustable spacers in the market. Follow us on Instagram and Youtube for the latest updates, testimonials and educational content.Learn More
How it WorksMultitrakpro™ is fitted to the hub or axle of any vehicle, tractor and or implement. The tyre rim is then attached to the Multitrakpro™ which remains fixed to the axle or hub. Once the sections have been fitted, track widths can be adjusted with a simple slide action to an alternative wheel gauge.Learn More