Multitrakpro: 100% Australian owned

Multitrakpro™ is 100% Australian owned by Martin Hallman, a rowcropper from Narrabri in Northern NSW.

Apart from being arduous, traditional methods to change wheel spacings are also inherently dangerous with a heavy load being slung, as the wheels are swapped while the tractor sits on jacks.

Concerned about the danger and length of time taken to use traditional methods to change wheel spacings, Martin used a local business to create the first set of Multitrakpro. After trialling designs and getting expert engineering advice, Multitrakpro was born.

Allowing quick and easy changes between wheel spacings increases the versatility of your machinery, and saves you time and money. Multitrakpro is suitable for most tractors (and rowcrop machinery including sprayers) and a quick and easy over the phone consultation will ensure we have a set to suit your machine and the required wheel spacings.

Multitrakpro are 100% committed to Australian design, engineering and manufacturing and every set is custom made to suit your machine.